Monster Truck Shows in Tacoma

Schedule & Tickets 2023/2024

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Tacoma, WA

Monster Truck Events & Tickets

  • Monster Jam
    7:00 PM
    location 98421, Tacoma, WA, US
  • Monster Jam
    1:00 PM
    location 98421, Tacoma, WA, US
  • Monster Jam
    1:00 PM
    location 98421, Tacoma, WA, US

Ticket Information

  • Event Date: Ensure you check the specific date and time of the show you wish to attend.
  • Venue: The name and location of the stadium or arena hosting the event.
  • Duration: Most shows last between 2-3 hours, including intermissions.

Ticket Categories

  1. General Admission:
    • Unreserved seating.
    • First-come, first-served basis.
  2. Reserved Seating:
    • Guarantees a specific seat in the venue.
    • Often categorized by sections or tiers.
  3. VIP Passes:
    • Premium seating with the best views.
    • Access to exclusive areas and potential meet-and-greets with drivers.
    • Some might include complimentary refreshments.
  4. Pit Party Passes:
    • Allows early entry to view the trucks up close and meet the drivers.
    • Typically held a few hours before the main event.


  • General Admission: from $22.
  • Reserved Seating: Starts from $24.
  • VIP Passes: from $68.
  • Pit Party Passes:  from $85.

Note: Prices may vary based on the venue, city, and demand. Always check for current pricing before purchasing.

Purchase Options

  • Online: Most shows offer ticket purchases through their official website or ticketing partners.
  • Box Office: Tickets can be bought in person at the venue’s box office.
  • Phone: Some venues offer ticket bookings over the phone.

Refund and Cancellation

  • Tickets are typically non-refundable unless the event is canceled.
  • If the event is postponed, tickets will usually be valid for the rescheduled date.

Special Offers

  • Family Packs: Discounts are available for purchasing multiple tickets.
  • Early Bird Offers: Reduced prices for those purchasing tickets well in advance.
  • Group Discounts: If you’re attending with a large group, check for special rates.

Important Reminders

  • Always buy from official sources to avoid counterfeit tickets.
  • Be wary of third-party sellers marking up prices.
  • Ensure you read the terms and conditions before purchasing.

In conclusion, attending a monster truck show is an exhilarating experience. Getting the right ticket ensures that you enjoy it to the fullest. Make sure to check all the details and secure your spot at the next big event!